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best free fighting games for kids

Super Smash Flash 2

You are going to play the excitement of the decade, the game Super Smash Flash 2 which is a fighting game for fighting game lovers. it is a multi-player as well as single player game. It is very complicated to play this game. May be You already have played  Super smash flash game but Now the second new version of game is also released which is known as Super Smash Flash 2 which wes developed after one year of developing the first version. The first version of the game was also very superb which was developed only in one month. The gameplay of both versions are the same, with same stages and characters with some more addition and challenging level. Though the game is so simple but it becomes more difficult after you would pass more levels.
Super Smash is a also a flash game, and if you want to play this game you have already installed adobe flash player. This game is available online on many websites. You have to defeat your enemies by fighting quickly to win the game otherwise your enemies will defeat you and you will lose the game.

Get On Top

get on top is a flash and interesting game. It is a two player game and the game is so interesting that you will never feel bored to play this game again and again. This game is available online on many websites. In this game, you have to defeat your enemy to win the game by letting him down or jump over him otherwise he will let you down by moving your head downwards and you will lose the game. you can play this game only on the newest html5 browser. If you have an old browser then you have to update your browser to play this game. The rating of this game is very good as 8.8 and it is increasing day by day. It may also be known as wrestling game as in this game you have a fight with your enemies to try to get on top each other. You should remain so quick and active to play this game as your mistake can lead you to lose this game. The graphics and sound of the game is so nice that you will fall in love with this game. So, if you like this game, you must also share it with your friends.